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Join our growing community of GeniusU City Circle Leaders

Apply now to become one of 40 brand new City Leaders who will be joining our community by September 31st.
Earn an additional $60,000-120,000 a year, running monthly Entrepreneur Socials and other specially created events in your City. Lead the Entrepreneur Movement and World Game in your City, as an officially appointed GeniusU City Leader

Dear Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur Movement is growing daily. By 2020 it is estimated there will be over 1 billion entrepreneurs on the planet. Technology will have an enormous impact on the way in which we connect and do business and yet people still desire to connect face to face, in real time, with real people. To create opportunities and support each other.

We know that every time we show up in a city to run one of our Entrepreneurial events, such as Fast Forward, Global Entrepreneur Summit, or Entrepreneur Fast Track, the connection, learning and joy for the entrepreneurs in the room is palpable. Maintaining this connection and turning it into real actions after the event, is so much easier when there is a space to show up in each month that creates the same environment, energy, growth opportunities and learning.

This is the Entrepreneur Social and it’s run by a City Leader.

City Leaders are specially selected entrepreneurs, who are leading the Entrepreneur Movement in their local town. Providing a home and a place for the Entrepreneur Movement to meet.

We will have over 100 City Leaders and circles by the end of 2018. Each Entrepreneur Social can create a minimum of $5000 revenue for a City Leader.

The top City Leaders can apply to host an Entrepreneur Fast Track event in their city which generates between $40,000 and $70,000 revenues for the City Leader! They can also run smaller events, with our specially trained Master Trainers generating $5000-$20000 per event.

We are opening up the application process today, until September 30th, when we will commence a training programme, especially for our brand new City Leaders.

Entrepreneur Social events in a nutshell

A monthly event in the same location at the same time each month, with the same structure in every city around the world, so that you can attend any event, anywhere and know what to expect.

It’s a social event, where you get to have fun and connect and its for entrepreneurs who are doing good and making a difference in the world. Helping to play the World Game and deliver on the United Nations Global Goals.

Each month an inspiring, highly successful local entrepreneur shares their story in a “Tedx style” presentation, with Q&A at the end, where the audience get to see their entrepreneurial journey of highs and lows and how they are making a difference in the world today. There is always time afterwards for opportunity knocks and networking too.

Each Social event can generate a minimum of $5000 revenues for the City Leader and places them in a position of leadership as an authority/expert.

What is expected of a City Leader

Run a monthly Entrepreneur Social event at a regular time, date and place

Follow the Entrepreneur Social structure and culture code

Take great care of your community and grow it on GeniusU.

Get to know your members, provide opportunities and connections for them

Post the 20 minute video of your speaker within 48 hours of your event on GeniusU

Attend the GeniusU Annual Partner Conference (December 7th and 8th 2018 at Vision Villas in Bali. Tickets are free to the conference for City Leaders)

Who should apply to be a City Leader

If you feel you have a values alignment with GeniusU, Entrepreneurs Institute and Entrepreneur Resorts

You feel passionate about making a difference in your City You are yellow level or above on the Wealth Spectrum

Already certified as either a Flow Consultant or Entrepreneur Mentor Certification level (or willing to become certified)

You are well connected locally with Entrepreneurs and partners ,who can assist you with growing your membership and speaking at your events


Also, although not essential to be a City Leader, it is advantageous if you have the following:

Experience in running/hosting events

A team you can easily connect with to build the community and run the monthly events

Earnings potential as a City Leader

City leaders generate revenues in various ways

City Leaders can earn commissions on Entrepreneur Institute and GeniusU products which you can recommend to your City Members

By creating affiliate relationship links with the members you bring onto GeniusU, every time your member purchases products or programmes, you receive affiliate commissions

By having 121’s with your members and helping them on their entrepreneurial journey of learning you can also provide them with your products and services directly

By running an Entrepreneur Fast Track event in your city with Roger Hamilton you can earn up to $80,000 in commissions

You can also earn up to $20,000 commissions each time you run a Wealth Dynamics/Talent Dynamics event with a specially trained Master Trainer

Take a look at this video from Roger Hamilton, to learn more about City Leaders and our new Entrepreneur Socials.

Existing City Circles

Here is a list of the City Circles that have already been created with appointed City Leaders.
Applicants can only apply for a city that is not already created.
Each City has 1 City Leader only but you are encouraged to build a team to support you too.

City Leader training and support

City Leaders have access to training materials, including a Microdegree that walks them through how to set up and run their first Entrepreneur Social event. City Leaders have access to a library of marketing resources, images, and tools.

Regular City Leader calls keep our Global Network connected and collaborating on Entrepreneur Socials Globally.

Join the Global Network of City Leaders today!

Thank you for your application

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